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Appraisals – How to make them a pain free and enjoyable process

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Appraisals – How to make them a pain free and enjoyable process

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About the Course

What does this Appraisals course cover?

As a busy manager, you’ll understand the importance of maintaining positive relationships with your employees. You will also be aware of how time consuming managing poor performance or attitude can be too. Carried out in a structured way, the performance appraisal is an important tool in developing and maintaining good relationships at work. Appraising employees carefully and working with them to set work based goals can result in a dramatic increase in “buy in” and performance at work. The key is to ensure that your appraisals are carried out regularly and effectively and this course is packed with ideas on how to make the process not only useful but actually quite enjoyable too!

What will I learn from this Appraisals course?

  • The benefits of having a robust appraisal process
  • How to conduct an effective performance appraisal
  • The skills needed to ensure a successful appraisal
  • The importance of objective setting
  • How to manage difficult or poor performance
  • The skills to giving and receiving feedback
  • How to identify training and development needs

Who should attend this Appraisals course?

Designed for people who have experience of appraisals or who would like some help in setting a new process up, this event offers practical and user friendly advice. You will receive a thorough grounding in all the important requirements of an appraisal process to ensure that you are confident to go back and establish them in your workplace.


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Appraisals – How to make them a pain free and enjoyable process




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