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Creating Success through Goal Setting

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Creating Success through Goal Setting

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  • Trainer(s): Marina Kogan
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About the Course

Creating Success through Goal Setting comes in many forms: success in business, in relationships, in wealth, in happiness, the list goes on.
But how do we help create that success?
This workshop will help you focus on which success is important to you and help motivate you to achieve it.

We will make 2016 your year by:

  • Focusing on your previous successes and building on them.
  • Storing mental energy to fulfil those success resolutions.
  • Work together and support each other to achieve your desired outcome.

‘Life should always bring more beautiful moments and excitement.'

What will you learn from this goal setting workshop...

  • How to achieve desirable changes.
  • How to create achievement goals.
  • Learn how to keep your motivation.
  • Learn mastering tools on how re-energise and empower yourself.

Who should attend this course?

  • Anybody who goes through changes in life - professional or personal or if you are facing new challenges and feel out of depth.
  • Anybody who feels that by enhancing your confidence you will improve certain areas of your life, feel more in control and comfortable in your daily events.

What other experience/training is needed to take this course?

No experience or training is required for attending this course.

What other people have said about this Goal Setting course:

'Really enjoyed the style of day - interactive and the enthusiasm. I learned/gained a lot.'

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Creating Success through Goal Setting




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