Why Email Marketing Rocks

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Written by: Emma Smith (Marketing and Admin Assistant for Glasdir & Glasdir Skills Academy.)

Think About It…

How often do you email your customers? Or have I just triggered a thought that maybe you should start interacting with your customers via email? If so, this is the blog for you.

Email marketing is one of the largest sources of marketing out there at the moment, but you just don’t know it. Think about it, how often do you check your emails from your phone, pc or tablet and spot an email from your favourite brand offering you free delivery, or even better money off? They’ve caught your attention! They have you exactly where they want you to be. I, for one, always fall for it! As soon as I see my favourite high street brands in my inbox I open the email straight away to see what they have to offer etc.

So think about it, if you were to send an email to your customer, every couple of days, every week or even every month, imagine the amount of people you would have becoming more connected to your business and the clients you could attract?

Why Email Marketing?

One of the main reasons why so many businesses use email marketing as one of the main sources of marketing in their businesses is due to the huge volume of clients and customers you can reach in a short number of time. Here at Glasdir Skills Academy we tend to use Mailchimp, which is a free online email marketing platform that helps you design and create emails that people want to read. With Mailchimp, you can upload up to 2,000 free email addresses and send up to 12,000 emails a month (if you have more email addresses or wish to send more emails, there is a monthly free to pay, but it’s totally worth it) and they send the email to each and every address you have on your email list at the same time. Thousands of people could potentially receive the same email within minutes of pressing send. The speed is unreal.

A key factor that I like to think is one of the top reasons why businesses use email marketing is the personal side of emailing. Everyone likes to receive emails, especially when they have been personalised with your name on them. Whether it being from family, friends, favourite fashion brands or even pop stars (yes, I’ve signed up to receive emails from a couple of bands haha) your name on them makes a huge difference – a 640% difference – which means you automatically read more and become more interested with the email.

Few fortunate people have a knack for sending out chatty, engaging emails but for most of us some form of training maybe needed. Get your email marketing right and it’s a huge bonus for any business. Emailing can be simple. There are a huge amount of online email marketing accounts out there for you to use, we personally use Mailchimp, like mentioned before (we actually have a Mailchimp course scheduled for June, where we show you not only how to use MailChimp but how to create brilliant emails too. If this sounds like something you would like some help with do get in touch). The workshops are easy to follow and are over a day and a half, more than enough time to get your head around it 🙂

My last reason why email marketing rocks, is down to the attention it receives per customer. You can’t really track exactly the amount of attention each customer takes on the likes of social media sites such as Facebook, but when it comes to email marketing, using one of the many email marketing platforms sites mentioned earlier, you can track who clicks what, and find out exactly what that customer is interested in. This can be a huge bonus for every business, but many aren’t using it to their potential. You could be potentially missing out on a huge amount of sales, but you might not even know it. After finding out who clicked what from the first email, you can then send out a further email promoting that certain product they clicked on. Let’s be honest? How often do you receive an email promoting something you were looking at the night before? Or earlier before? Does it make you buy it? Or at the very least you think about it a little bit more. It down to these amazing email marketing online platforms! It can be very creepy, but at the same time, very clever!

So after looking into what I personally think are the most important features of Email Marketing, is it making you think more about the amazing marketing platform you might be missing out on? What are you waiting for, sign up to Mailchimp, it is free after all, so you have nothing to lose, and give it a go! You won’t be disappointed.

P.S don’t forget we have a Mailchimp course coming up in June so if you fancy giving email marketing a go but need some help to get started find out more here. Or if you don’t want to wait so long just give us a shout! 🙂

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