The Best Three Facebook Updates That Benefit Your Business

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Written by: Emma Smith (Marketing and Admin Assistant for Glasdir & Glasdir Skills Academy.)

Thank you Facebook.

Before I go on to discuss the best three Facebook updates, and how they work and don’t work, I would like to just take a moment to thank Facebook for finally letting us like a business page we manage from our personal account. Yes, that’s right, you are now able to click on a small drop down on the right hand corner of the status and select which account you would like to use to ‘like’ the post. (picture below).
I got home the other night after work, and I was stunned when I went onto Facebook from my phone. I was able to choose which account I wanted to like a post from!?
Over the last couple of months, if not couple of years to be honest, it’s been a pain that you’ve been unable to like something on a page you manage from your personal account unless you’re on the PC. As you can tell, I’m slightly over excited about this now…haha. This can benefit you and your business hugely. Not having to look into a PC just to like certain things, and being able to do it from the comfort of your app.

facebook drop down




If you click on the little icon and drop down the page/profile you would like to like from you will now be liking and commenting from that profile!




How do Facebook updates benefit us and our businesses?

Think about how many updates has Facebook gone through over the last couple of months there are probably more than you can think. I bet you can only think of one from the top of your head right now? Think again, maybe more than 5, yes you’ve guessed it, there have been 7 major updates in 2016 for the Facebook business app. I will be going through the three best in my option which has benefited businesses in 2016.

First biggest update…

So let’s start with the most obvious change which has happened in the last year, shall we? Facebook Live. More and more people are using this amazing feature every day, but if you’re anything like me, a little camera shy and the thought of speaking live to potentially millions of people over the internet is daunting. I have so many different things going though in my mind like ‘what if I say the wrong thing’, ‘What if I look stupid?’, that’s all the fun in Facebook Live, you just can’t predict how it’s going and your audience love that about it!

Within months of the first Facebook Live video, there were many updates to keep it up to date with its main competitors such as Snapchat and Boomerang. You can now filter the video as you are filming live, Facebook always seems to want to be ahead of the game. Within the last couple of weeks, Instagram has now followed suit and has also started live posts.

Many famous celebrities and businesses are using the Facebook Live feature to interact with the fans and clients. It’s a great way to gain more followers and show people your real characteristics. Why don’t you give it a go? You never know you might have a secret talent you never thought you had.

The second biggest update…

The second biggest update Facebook introduced in 2016 was the new Business layout. I bet some of you are starting to wonder whether you’ve missed something? But this change has in fact only changed if you log into Facebook from your PC, so please ignore me for the next couple of minutes if you use Facebook from your mobile or tablet device using an app.

Remember when you used to have to redesign some images for your cover photo so your profile pictures doesn’t cut into your image? This is a thing in the past. The new update has your business profile picture on the left hand side, which is bigger than the old profile picture along with cover photo to the right hand side. This now means you can have more on show, and it has a much greater impact on what you are trying to sell etc. I have attached a couple of photos so you can see what I mean, and the difference it has.

gsa facebook banner

coca cola banner





I personally can’t decide whether I like this new layout or not. The old way the cover photo in a way brought the page together by incorporating the brand whereas now they are separate and both things could have two totally different meanings.

Last, but not least, the third biggest update…

As you are aware, every Facebook page has a call-to-action button on the business page. When this feature was first launched back in December 2014 there was only 9 options available, these included Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Shop Now and a couple more. But now, with the latest update, there is a huge variety of options which could be a benefit for the call-to-action button on the business page. The new options include, Buy Tickets, Get Showtimes, Get Quote, Request Time, and lots more! How cool is that? This means you can choose an option which suits your business much better. So don’t forget to check them out and see what options are available for your business. 🙂

Over all the three biggest updates Facebook has implemented over the last year have been a huge benefit to how Facebook works for Businesses. I look forward to seeing what updates are in store for 2017! 🙂

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