Five things to avoid doing on Social Media

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There’s some great advice in this blog by our expert Social Media trainer Teresa Carnall of TBC Marketing.

As the saying goes you can’t please all of the people all of the time but do any one of these five things and I’ll guarantee you’ll cheese most of the people off most of the time. The secret with good social media is putting the customer first and including your values in your post. There are other things to take into account of course but we’ll come to them another time. For now I wanted to focus on the social media traits that really cheese me off. Not just me I hasten to add, they cheese a lot of people off. So if you’re finding yourself guilty of any of them – please stop, you’ll thank me for it, honest!

1. Linking Social Media Accounts Together

Twitter and Facebook are the worse perpetrators in my view. You put a Tweet out there; tag a couple of people in and use a hashtag or two. Fabulous, jobs a good ‘un. But to save yourself a bit of time you’ve linked your Facebook and Twitter accounts together so all your Tweets automatically appear on Facebook. Why do this? The tags don’t work and Facebook really doesn’t do hashtags.

2. It’s all Sales

Having nothing but sales posts is such a massive turn off. Don’t think you can hide behind the ‘I’m just giving advice’ scenario – it doesn’t work or fool anyone.

3. Not using images or videos.

That’s it really. If your posts are mainly just words with no images or videos to liven things up your fans will soon get bored.

4. Make it all about business.

People buy from people and social media is no exception. You really need to show off your personality, remind people why they liked your page/followed you in the first place. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun, after all humour makes the world go round – well it does in my world.

For the last one check out Teresa’s blog.

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