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Written by: Emma Smith (Marketing and Admin Assistant for Glasdir & Glasdir Skills Academy.)

It’s time to start thinking about writing my first blog for Glasdir Skills Academy. I haven’t got a huge amount of confidence in writing to be honest, so the thought of writing a blog makes me very anxious! At this current moment all I can think about is what if people don’t like my blog? Or more worrying, what if people don’t even read my blog? So I thought what better topic to write about in my first blog post than to introduce you to Glasdir Skills Academy and how attending the courses has benefited me, and what I’ve learnt from them, exciting isn’t it 🙂

Where did Glasdir Skills Academy come from?

So here are the facts. Glasdir Skills Academy was built up a couple of years ago (September 2014 in fact) and it’s a partnership between Elen Rowlands, the manager of Glasdir Conference and Business Centre and Teresa Carnall, owner of TBC Marketing. ‘After meeting at Free2Network they found themselves working to the same high standards and values and becoming very good friends. After sitting down to many cups of coffee, they discussed the lack of courses out there to help businesses around North Wales and found a passion to provide training for individuals and businesses driven by needs, rather than by funding criteria.’ – taken from the Glasdir Skills Academy website. Glasdir Skills Academy was born.

What happened next?

After selecting the best trainers in a variety of different fields of training, it was time to put Glasdir Skills Academy to the test and schedule some courses. We started off by scheduling a couple of social media courses, first aid and some food and safety courses. At the start of the process of marketing the courses, bookings were slow, but I guess this was because no one really knew what Glasdir Skills Academy was about. After many marketing campaigns, emails and social media posts, people started to interact with us, and the courses were selling out! It was hard to believe. Within the short amount of time, we went from 2 or 3 people on each course, to selling out with a waiting list!

How Glasdir Skills Academy has benefited me…

A huge bonus of working for Glasdir Skills Academy is that I get to go on any of the courses I want as I love learning new skills. It’s great to be learning new skills and implementing them into my day to day work and I also get some background knowledge about the courses people are booking on to, which is a bonus! The confidence I have gained from attending the courses has defiantly impacted the way I work, I’m now able to pick up the phone and call anyone, and deal with all types of customers whether they are on the phone or over the counter. The knowledge the trainers have in their teaching fields is crazy! They teach in such a great atmosphere, nothing like how it was back in school or university. It’s so relaxed and you learn things about the subject you never thought existed, or little tools which could save you so much time in your day to day work. I’m not trying to sell our courses, I promise haha

I found myself attending many social media courses, and my interest for them started to grow. I saw the power social media had on small businesses, and how it can benefit any business on any scale. The results are HUGE. But the power doesn’t stop there. Social media is definitely still growing, and the new platforms are also growing making it an even bigger, cost effective marketing tool in any business. There is so much to explore in the platforms which a lot of businesses don’t even know about, and if they are used correctly they could be very powerful. But more about that in my next blog post, which will be all about my favourite topic, Social Media!

That’s all for now 🙂


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