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Making Networking Work

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Making Networking Work

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  • Trainer(s): Teresa Carnall
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About the Course

Do you attend networking meetings but never seem to get any business? Is networking a necessarily evil for you? After all, you know it works; everyone seems to be doing it but – how? How do you get a share of the £ billions of worth of businesses being passed around every year?

We know that people buy from people and that by increasing your visibility and honing the way you network can have a serious, positive impact on your turnover!

What does this Networking course cover?

  • How does networking actually work?
  • Discover the types of networkers out there. Which one are you?
  • What exactly is an ‘elevator pitch’ and how do you create one?
  • What’s the true cost of networking – is it actually worth it?
  • How to work a room with confidence.

What will I learn from this course?

  • You’ll learn the true secret of successful networking.
  • Find your own networking style to one that works for you.
  • Learn how to create an elevator pitch to be remembered by.
  • Learn the signals and body language that will help you become a great networker
  • Most of all you’ll leave this workshop with the knowledge and tools to help you become a networking star.

Who should attend this Networking course?

Those new to networking or anyone who’s been networking for a while who want to learn how to make networking effective – and fun!

What other people have said about this couse:

'Teresa is an extremely well informed, enthusiastic & helpful lecturer. Her passion for her subject & her sense of humour add to the enjoyment of her courses.



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Making Networking Work




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