Teresa Carnall

    Qualified Trainer and Social Media guru Teresa Carnall, owner of TBC Marketing, designs and develops all of her workshops. Teresa is an industry expert at delivering effective workshops that help take business owners to the next level. She is a highly respected marketer having helped hundreds of companies develop marketing strategies that work. Combine this with her straight talking style and sense of fun and you’ve got a workshop that’s both highly enjoyable as well as leaving you with the knowledge to take your business forward.

    What courses does Teresa have on offer here at the Glasdir Skills Academy:

    Facebook for Business

    Create effective email marketing campaigns using Mailchimp

    Twitter for Business

    Understand the Power of LinkedIn for Business

    Blogging for Business

    Hootsuite – Create time for your Social Media

    Marketing Action Plan Workshop

    What have other people said about Teresa:

    ‘Lively and good interaction, keeps the course/session ‘alive and interesting”

    ‘Very engaging and fun workshops by Teresa, always filled with excellent content, changed my perspective on how Social Media can be used.’

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